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Dear future My Beary 1st Steps Families, 


..."My family loves My Beary 1st Steps daycare. We know that our daughter is loved and safe throughout her day. We are very grateful that our daughter is able to attend an exceptional daycare. We highly recommend Haydee and My Beary 1st Steps to you and your family". 



Roseann and Andy Kleinschmidt

"...I couldn’t be happier with the level of service and love that I have been provided to my daughter. The reality that this season won’t last forever saddens me, but I know that when my daughter’s time to leave has come, that this experience here will continue to influence her and I am glad that I made the decision to bring her to My Beary 1st Steps in the first place."


Shannon Winston

..."We came from a situation where we had an in-home nanny for a year so my husband and I were very anxious about putting our son in daycare. We visited many different centers in the area and found problems with all of them. We knew the moment that we walked in to My Beary First Steps that it was the place for our son. It is the perfect balance of the structure and learning environment that you would expect from a pricey daycare center combined with the warmth and nurturing environment of a small home daycare. We do not live close to the daycare and the drive is not convenient for us but it is well worth it because of how happy we are with the care they give our son. His language and cognitive skills have grown tremendously since he began attending My Beary First Steps..."

Katie Dargan Kelley.

"...The learning curriculum that is taught is top notch and is nothing short of a Commercial Learning Center. At the age of two our son knows his abc's, can count to ten in English and Spanish, and can identify his letters and numbers through the unique teaching style of Haydee...The food that is served for meals is amazing. We know that our son is eating well balances, nutricious meals that he enjoys. Not only is nutrition a top priority but physical activity is also a big part..."


April & Joel Lichtenberg



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When you step into My Beary 1st Steps or MB1S (for short) , you are greeted by an Early Learning Center that has a warm and spacious atmosphere that fosters creativity, exploration and growth. We provide children with everything necessary for them to discover their own potential while showing them with the love and nurture they need to feel special.

MB1S was founded in Reisterstown by Haydee and Kevin Monterroso in 2008 due to the lack of appropriate home Day Care centers in the Reisterstown, Owings Mills and Glyndon area.

Director Haydee Monterroso's experience and qualifications:

    * Degree in Teaching English as a second Language.
    * Degree in Business Administration.
    * Masters in School Management.
    * 45 hours in Infant/Toddler Education.
    * 90 hours in Early Childhood Education.
    * CPR and First Aid
    * SIDS trainning.
    * Emergency Preparedness trainning.
    * Medication Administration.
    * 12 years of teaching experience
    * Other certifications releated to Childcare Early Education.

We are so passionate about kids that we want to give them the best learning experience possible. That is why:



   * We use The Creative Curriculum which is MSDE approved   combined 
       with Montessori activities.

   * W
e participate with the Food Planning Council of Maryland.

    * We are Credentialed  by the State of Maryland.

   *Spanish as a Second Language is tought on a daily basis.

    * Fitness class by American Kenpo Karate Studio is offered every other
       other week.

Library on wheels - Baltimore County Public Library, visit us once a
When your cub graduates from MB1S is completely ready and advanced 
       for Kindergarden.
* We have several extra curriculum activities such as birthday parties, Ice 
      cream socials, Tea Parties, Awesome Summer Camp full of outrageous
      fun, bringing Petting zoos, The Baltimore Zoo, magicians, Baltimore
Department, Fire Department, Professional Musicians, Irving Nature 
     Center,Luau Dancer,Santa Claus, and many others that will create  
     unforgettable memories in the life of your child.   

MB1S is located in a beautiful area in Reisterstown and is very close to Glyndon and Owings Mills, Baltimore, Md.   We are just 7 Minutes from Franklin Middle School!!!